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Alysia Pinter (b. 1991) is a self-taught Artist, Spiritual Practioner and gifted Healer based in Victoria, Canada who is also certified in her 200 RYT, Reiki Level 1 Certification, and loves all things Metaphysical & Esoteric!

When it comes to Art though, she produces incredible, unique one-of-a-kind pieces consisting of elements like pointillism and fine line techniques paired beautifully with acrylic painting and liquid pouring. 

Alysia has spent years living nomadically, along her travels has found inspiration from her surroundings, but mainly she's been inspired from her personal development and deep healing.

Alysia has considered herself an Artist since childhood, finally, in 2018 she began to create and sell on a larger scale with pieces sold internationally in many countries like Germany, Greece, Cayman Islands, Canada, USA, Mexico and Costa Rica.

By utilizing her intuition and creating a strong focus on details and balance, Alysia really materializes the beautiful energy that emanates from her heart, into her creations.

When designing commissioned work, she is very passionate about personalizing the pieces, while also ensuring she commits to her unique style.

Art at times is very therapeutic, much of her work created during times of processing deep trauma and healing, this, in turn, assist in creating opportunities to recognize the beauty in the darkness, providing the freedom to share from the heart with those who resonate with her work, which is so fulfilling.

Custom creations based on their personal considerations feel very rewarding, and with an intention to continue contributing to the world bringing life to homes, offering inspiration and sharing vibrant energy, Alysia is just getting started, full of gratitude and appreciation for all her supporters and loved ones!

Continuing to evolve you can expect to see more digital art, additional products such as clothing, yoga mats, journals, and increased offerings for custom commission work.

Passionate, focused and driven, this ARTSEAYOGI is ready to blossom and expand her horizons! 

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