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Artist Alysia with mini turtle and mandala surfboard painting

Alysia Pinter, born in 1991, is a versatile Artist, Breathwork Facilitator, Life Coach and Guide from Vancouver Island, Canada. Over the past decade, she's embraced nomadic living and now calls Mexico home. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, nature, and her transformational journey, Alysia's art resonates globally, with pieces sold in countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Canada, and the USA.

Art has been Alysia's therapy, helping her process and transform trauma into beauty, and darkness into light. She believes in art's power to connect, heal, and bring joy to life. Alysia's unique creations blend techniques like pointillism, fine line drawings, acrylic painting, liquid pouring, and textured art. Specializing in mandala-style pieces, her work invites viewers to immerse themselves in intricate details and layers. Alysia also offers website design, social media content creation, writing and branding for clients!

From upcycled surf and kiteboards to locally handmade wooden boards, canvases, and murals, Alysia's artistry knows no bounds. With passionate creativity and a heart dedicated to spreading beauty and connection, Alysia Pinter's art continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.

Dedicated to crafting truly unique designs, Alysia ensures that each commissioned piece is a masterpiece that evokes awe and wonder. With thoughtful, personalized touches tailored to each individual and home, her creations carry deep sentimental value and meaning.

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